Under the Sea

The singer sings the blues, talking words of yesterday.

(a photomanipulation edited in Gimp,
the original photo of Katili singing click here)


Aliens Blues

I woke up this morning
and I was surrounded by aliens
You better believe me,
I woke up surrounded by aliens
They sure were staring at me
and me, I was staring back at them.

PS. there's a little trick to this image, watching it first may not show the aliens, a hint, the aliens are green.



Time to take the bicycle out and put the helmet on. Peace !

(self portrait with Aiptek, edited in Gimp)


Something new & something old

Here's a watercolour work I did 1975, totally in love with horses then and still. That's the old part, the new thing is my new scanner who moved in to my humble home today. Expect to have a long and gorgeous relationship with her...him... errh. Anyways I am waiting to have a great tool to add to digital art and sharing old photos. It might even happen that after a long period of not making art by hand, I could ...may be... try, who knows??


Princess in the tower

The princess has been waiting so long in her lonely tower.

an Apophysis fractal, no postwork


Highway Jaws

Here the fruit of my today's walk outside. I took a picture of the nearby highway and created these Giant Jaws with the help of Gimp. I watched the cars go under the bridge and it hit me, the cars really ought to be very much smaller, in 38 passing cars I could see only 42 people.

Here's the original photo



Behind all there are two sides
between them a dotted line
on both sides always my blue eyes
exposed to both sides and only mine.

- Katili -

A selfportrait edited with Gimp.


Speed 2

A Xaos fractal, I had to do a second image, I wasn't satisfied with the first onePosted by Picasa



Look inside ! Click on the picture and see the speed of Katili. A lot of me in there ;-))
Optimistic about tomorrow. Every morning I wake up I find my speed, I'm alive and grateful for that. Another day to have a chance to enjoy beauty and find mystery and beautiful people. See little things like worms coming out on a rainy day (and avoid stepping on them) , hear the rain dropping on my window when having a nap, listening to Janis Joplin sing the blues, feeling extremely lucky to have a warm bed to go to sleep every night.

The pictures were taken by my friend with my Aiptek, edited in Giimp.


Huhtikuu - 2006 - April

29 April, 2006


This is me singing in my rock band called Tigerita in the early 80's. The song is Joe Cocker's Letter "Get me a ticket for an aeroplane, ain't got time to take a fast train." The band was playing only some covers, like the above and The Doors Light my fire. Mostly songs were my own, we called it hard blues. At first it was an all women band, vocals, base, guitar and drums. Later me, the singer and base player were women, drums and guitar were performed by men. We performed in clubs and once we played a free out door concert in a prison yard. Tigerita participated the Finnish Rock band competition in 1983 and had its last gig on New Years eve as a warm up band in one of the most popular Helsinki live music club Vanha.

Tässä laulan Tigerita- rokkibändini kanssa 80-luvun alkupuolella. Menossa on Joe Cockerin Letter "Get me a ticket for an aeroplane, ain't got time to take a fast train." Bändi soitti vain muutamia muiden kappaleita, kuten yllämaiittu ja Doorsin Light my fire. Enimmäkseen biisit olivat itse tekemiäni. kutsuimme tyyliämme hard rockiksi. Ensin olimme tyttöbändi, laulu, basso, kitara ja rummut. Myöhemmin minä, laulaja ja basson soittaja olimme naisia, rummuissa ja kitarassa oli mies. Esiinnyimme klubiravintoloissa ja kerran soitimme ilmaisen ulkoilmakonsertin vankilan pihalla. Tigerita osallistui Rockim SM-kilpailuihin 1983 ja teki viimeisen keikkansa lämmittelybändinä uudenvuoden aattona Helsingin Vanhalla.

17 April, 2006

Secret Garden

Salainen puutarha
Helsinki- Maunula - Pirttipolku Posted by Picasa

04 April, 2006

Old & Recycled 10

Vanha työkaverin naapurilta saatu konttorituoli, jonka päällystin vanhalla t-paidalla, jonka kaula-aukon suljin nitojalla ja venytin tuolin päälle sekä kiinnitin narulla.

An old officce chair from a colleague's neighbour, covered with an old t-shirt, the neckline shut with a stapler and the whole thing streched over the chair and tied with a rope.

old / vanha