Empty stairs

portaat Tuusulantieltä , Kustaankartanon vanhainkodin kohdalla
stairs from the Tuusula motorway near Kustaankartano elderly home
13.11.2005 kamera: Aiptek edit: Gimp 2, Picasa 2
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Kim Carney kirjoitti...

That is very cool.

My mom and dad lived in Helsinki in the late 70's, they LOVED it there. Made great friends and had a wonderful life.

Katili kirjoitti...

Thanks Kim, appreciate your comment, especially after visiting your site, you're quite a talent yourself.

Great to hear your parents loved Helsinki, my favourite place in the world. It would be nice to know which part of Helsinki they stayed. Curious.

To me Helsinki is a 10 plus combination of calming, beautiful nature areas and a culture centered city atmosphere.

Itseni kirjoitti...

Mahtavaa taidetta, ystäväni!


Katili kirjoitti...

Kiitos M ! Ihanaa, kun sanot noin, tulee hyvä fiilis, että joku katsoo ja tykkää.