Something new & something old

Here's a watercolour work I did 1975, totally in love with horses then and still. That's the old part, the new thing is my new scanner who moved in to my humble home today. Expect to have a long and gorgeous relationship with her...him... errh. Anyways I am waiting to have a great tool to add to digital art and sharing old photos. It might even happen that after a long period of not making art by hand, I could ...may be... try, who knows??

3 kommenttia:

fenris kirjoitti...

i love horses too, used to draw them ALL the time when i was younger... they're a great subject, angular yet curved, flowing manes, character etc, got everything you could want for drawing :)

HARDWAX kirjoitti...

Very handsome horse, really nice work!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I've been horse-obsessed for my whole life too... and drawing them all the time as a youngster is how I became an artist. They are so indescribably beautiful!