Jamille maistuu uni, oli pakko saada kuva noista tassuista, vaikkakin jouduin käsittelemään kuvaa, onneksi en ole ammattilaiskuvaaja.

Dreaming is Jami's thing, I had to get those paws in picture, allthough I had to edit the photo, fortunately I'm not a prof.photographer.
Lori Witzel sanoi...

I love this!!! What a happy cat.

One of our cats, Sputnik, loves to lie on her back with her long-toed paws folded over, looking at us every now and then until we scooch over and tickle her belly.

12:10 AM

Katili sanoi...

Thanks Lori, I do that belly ticklinf, too, not when he's sleeping like in this, but when he opens his eyes, it's too cute a belly to leave alone. Oh these fabulous cats we have a chance to share our lives with, greetings to Sputnik & tickel.

9:04 AM

Andrea sanoi...

Awww! So cute!

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. -- Albert Schweitzer

1:52 AM

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