May forest

Beautiful aspens on my walk in the forest. Photo with Aiptek, edit in Picasa and Gimp.

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Unknown kirjoitti...

This is beautiful!!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

your blog ROCKS!!!!

TheTart kirjoitti...

My kinda stuff!!!! Very haunting movie feel. That movie The Village, yup .... spooky cool.

The Tart

Psssssssst. Come visit & hear about The Library Park!

Katili kirjoitti...

alina, orangefrute88 and jocelyn, thanks, appreciate your comments. jocelyn, your movie idea is neat, you're right. there is that Village feeling *shivers*

orangefrute88 wov youu realy made my day!

AscenderRisesAbove kirjoitti...

i like this very much; very serene.... yet; is something out there?

merlinprincesse kirjoitti...

This is fantastik Katili! :)