An Apophysis fractal, edited and painted in Gimp.

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uvor kirjoitti...

Like it.. Fast & grazile raindeer!
But theres two things I miss: It dont look sharp, maybe you can change the Ipeg-Optimisation?
The Color of the moon no correspondes with the one of the raindeer- Should be mor pale-
Excuse, some hints from a friend. (I can just tell what I really mean)
Regards Uli.

Katili kirjoitti...

Thanks Uli, you're right about the unsharpness, but I used distortion and bumpmap to make it like that. I was just looking for the contrast between the very sharp and bright moon and a shadow-like deer, like certain clouds you sometimes see at night above the bright moonlight. I admit the correspondence or communication breakdown exists. I appreciate you being quite honest, keep it like that my friend. Moonshiny regards Katili